How to Conduct College Level Research

March 22, 2019

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How to Conduct College Level Research

            Research is the systematic process of gathering information, data and facts for the advancement of knowledge. It involves several processes and has to be done accordingly.

In conducting research, it is important that the researcher knows what he or she wants to study. As such, research begins with choosing the topic. If there is already a topic at hand, the second step is formulating a problem. It is a formulated question that the researcher yearns to answer and to find out in the whole research process.

The next process is identifying the objectives of the research. The question is: “what is the purpose of the study?” The researcher has to formulate major objectives of the thesis and from those major objectives, formulate the specific objectives. After that, make a review of related literature. Gather those literatures that have something to do with the study. And then formulate the theoretical framework and identify the theories that are applicable on the research. Theories are important because they serve as the skeleton of the research. The researcher has to answer the formulated problem in accordance to the theory or theories that have been selected.

Finally, identify the methods to be used in gathering the data and the information needed. In conducting scholarly research, books are still the best source. Internet is not recommended however, it still bestows some information that are not on printed materials but make sure that the Internet source is credible. Primary sources like interviews and surveys are recommended. It helps a lot in gathering the desired knowledge.

            Research is a tedious work. It needs discipline and patience. Everything begins from choosing the subject to be studied and to be researched so it is of vital importance that whatever topic the researcher chooses, just make sure that it is within the researcher’s interests because the motivation to finish the research lies primarily on what has been started.