Are Criminals Born or Made?

March 25, 2019

Golden Papers

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Crime is one of the most daunting concerns that any society faces. It is the very root of problems involving peace and stability in any community. Why do people commit crime, is it an innate character or something that is acquired from the environment? On a personal note, criminals are basically born, not made. Each individual has his sense of survival instinct. This very instinct leads some individuals to commit crime, say for example rape. This is a very primitive instinct, which we can also observe among animals.

The sexual urge that inhibits a man’s logical decision will overpower him, thus leading to crime. Another good example is murder. Criminals have committed murder probably because of another primitive instinct, for survival or self-defense. You may ask, how about other crimes committed because of situations in the environment? Well, these are all circumstantial and we can expect even logical people to commit crime. For example, if a person needs to fend for his family’s needs but is unable to get a job, then he will probably commit robbery.

Still, that instinct of survival influenced him to do crime out of the bounds of logical and reasoning. Therefore, in that case, the natural primitive instinct wins. With all the evidences that say criminals are born not made, it is very obvious that people have this innate instinct to do harm to other individuals. It can be a natural impulse or because of a situational matter. Still, committing crime is a decision that one has to make. He should be able to suppress that primitive instinct of inducing harm to others just for personal gain or welfare.