Empirical Real World Resources

March 25, 2019

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I. Empirical Real World Resources Discovery Learning. com offers a variety of services that can help managers, supervisors or people from top management to execute better their responsibilities and tasks in their respective organizations. Basically, this website is concentrated on developing and enhancing leadership capabilities of different individuals in different working environments. In the Decision Style Profile, its primary purpose is to assess the skills of the management in situations that require decision-making.

In the real world, decisions made by people from management affects the overall operations of the company. The results of their decision which can either be good or bad will create a big impact that can determine the future of business organizations. I think through this assessment, self-confidence of executives and managers can be boosted. Also, they can become mentally keen in dealing with incidents that are unexpected and spontaneous.

As a result, financial losses and interpersonal problems can be prevented. II. The Change Style Indicator and YOU I think that I am a pragmatist because in dealing with change, I tend to concentrate on objectives that can benefit the majority. Also, when changes occur, I make sure that I do the implementing process. Given a situation that requires “big change,” I need other leaders to be flexible in order for us to be able to do our respective tasks and to prevent overlapping functions.

Also, leaders should examine changes carefully in order to decipher if it will bring positive or negative modifications. On the other hand, when dealing with “big” change, I can offer my focus and inquisitiveness to efficiently handle these type of situations. Through this, I minimize the occurrence of conflicts and encourage the use of critical-thinking and creativity in solving problems brought by these kind of situations.