What physical features of the tell you that it was written for a scholarly audience of anthropologists?

March 25, 2019

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Miner: Question 1: What physical features of the essay tell you that it was written for a scholarly audience of anthropologists? Early on at the start of the article, it already stated how anthropologists became so familiar when it comes to the diversity of ways as to how these different peoples would behave differently in similar situations. It is a scholarly article since it was able to pinpoint important reference personalities in which can be used to verify the validity of the article and the credibility of the author. Question 2: At what point do you realize who the Nacirema are?

What clued you into the secret? I was able to finally realize that the Nacirema culture that the author was talking about was regarding the American culture when it pointed out that it is characterized by a highly developed market economy evolving into a now-rich natural habitat. Also, looking closely at the word nacirema, it could be spelled backwards into “American,” the culture which we are having today (Miner, 1956). Question 3: Why do you thin Miner uses magic and religious imagery to describe daily habits? The Nacirema or the American daily habits is being described by magic and religious images.

This is because American people are known to be believers of the unexplainable, but was always God-fearing, no matter what use is in store especially for the people of Laguna. This is a perfect example of how we perceive American culture. Ortiz Cofer: Ortiz is writing in response to being categorized by others. List some of the examples of how she thinks outsiders define or label Latin women (Cofer, 2000). Question 1: Some of the stories which the author recalls were evidence for being categorized by others. One of these stories is about how Puerto Rican women endured sexual harassment in factories.

Some might think that all they understood were sexual innuendo. Another is about her childhood, when a boy took her to her first formal dance and kissed her afterwards without receiving a passion response afterwards. This could mean that Latina women are being stereotyped as girls who mature early. Question 2: Does she do a sufficient job in convincing you that these stereotypes exist? That they are unfair? On Ortiz-Cofer’s essay, we are able to see how she did a good job of convincing the readers that there are really stereotypes in the society we are living in.

She was able to do this through observation of various peoples at certain places at certain times. She was able to express he feelings towards how these essays are against other races and are mainly centered on the white American race. She discusses different points regarding discrimination in a very subtle way that it attracted people’s attention. Question 3: In her own essay, does she have a bias? Does she try to be unbiased in her analysis? Ortiz Cofer showed her bias towards the people when she worked with other institutions that further encourage the promotion of the essay.

Ortiz Cofer tried to be unbiased on most of her essays, but majority of the content of this essay that she wrote were redundant and is somewhat irrelevant to the audience today. Her analysis was biased, despite her attempts of reaching out to other concerns. Despite all the technicalities in the article, Ortiz Cofer was able to show her stand about the story. General Questions: I think it is still possible to understand the culture, including all its underlying assumptions, ideals and more.

In order to understand the culture, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of these people, and hopefully, with utmost care, they would be encouraged to share with them. It is hard to understand a culture which we do not live in. The reason for this is that we have to be able to put ourselves inside the shoes of different people. These people would be the ones who’ll try what is the meaning of a certain major subject. There is a difference between a bias and a perspective. When we say perspective, this is how we see things – a point of view of matters and concerns around us.

This is the usual way we look at topics or issues which are of interest for us. On the other hand, bias is how we favor or prefer something instead of another. We choose what we want and because of that, our actions will be based on that, resulting on decisions which are favoring our biases. It is possible to have an unbiased perspective because perspective is just looking at things on a certain angle, and not actually preferring something over another. An unbiased perspective looks at things equally despite the angle differences and not choosing sides.