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The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership

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Ratings of supervisory leadership effectiveness were assessed via subordinate ratings on an attitude survey detailing questions relating to supervisor performance. Altogether data were collated from a total of 1,258 survey responses. Findings – The overall results of the data analysis suggest that half of the MSCEIT scores may act as a strong predictor of leadership effectiveness, particularly the branches within the experiential EI domain (r ? 0. 50, p , 0. 001). Interestingly, the relationship between supervisor ratings and the reasoning EI domain (r ? 2 0. 12) was not as expected.

Practical implications – These ? ndings endorse the validity of incorporating EI interventions alongside the recruitment and selection process and the training and development process of managerial personnel. However, they also question the conceptual validity of a key branch (managing emotions) of the MSCEIT. Originality/value – Although EI is viewed as a key determinant of effective leadership within leadership literature there is a relative dearth of supporting research that has not used student sample populations or a conceptually suspect model of EI within their research methodology.

Capital Budgeting Scenarios

To do this they will only need to look at the incremental cash flows, which are as follows: 1. Initial investment of $10 million that will be the cost to build the new factory. 2. Sales of $3 million a year that will result in an increase of $150,000 in gross margin giving the company a 5% gross margin. .

Take in mind that this analysis was only for a 10-year period since this would be the expected economic life of a new factory. Moreover, on the 10th year, or at the end of the life of the asset, $14 million was included in the cash flows from the expected salvage value of the factory being sold. The present value was figured out by using the following formula PV Factor = 1/(1+r)^t r = cost of capital t = year By multiplying the cash flow column with the present value column the present value of each of the cash flows was found.

The findings show that a higher cost of capital of a firm the lower the net present value of the project will be and vice versa for lower cost of capital. Firms are more likely to reject projects that have a high cost of capital and approve projects that have a low cost of capital. The capital budgeting process is used to make decisions on capital projects such as building new factories, advertising, and buying new equipment. Capital budgeting is important for companies and is a very predominate in strategic financial management.

Capital projects are found in the non-current section of the balance sheet are usually the biggest asset section. Given the size of the non-current section making the right capital budgeting decisions will be the deciding factor of whether the company survives or not. Capital budgeting is used to make the above decisions it also can be used to make other decisions, such as the discontinuance of an operation or product and mergers and acquisitions.

The Graduate Film Critique

The Graduate, a film based on the novel by Charles Webb, is directed by Mike Nichols, whose famous works also include Working Girl and Catch-22. The Graduate was released in United States on December 22, 1967. The screenplay for the film is done by Calder Willingham and Buck Henry, and the cinematography by Robert Surtees. A few of the main cast members include Anne Bancroft (as Mrs. Robinson), Dustin Hoffman (as Benjamin Braddock), Katharine Ross (as Elaine Robinson), William Daniels (as Mr.

Braddock), Murray Hamilton (as Mr. Robinson), and Elizabeth Wilson (as Mrs. Braddock). The Graduate is a story about Benjamin Braddock, a twenty-one year old graduate student trying to find his way in life. While debating what to do with his future, Benjamin is seduced by an older woman, Mrs. Robinson, who just happens to be the wife of Mr. Braddock’s business partner. Bored and naive, Benjamin starts an affair with Mrs. Robinson, unaware that he would later fall deeply in love with her daughter, Elaine.

The Graduate has many great moments when it comes to the cinematography of the film. The focus of the camera solely on Benjamin’s face in the beginning of the film is a key factor in letting the viewer see his apprehensive emotions both toward the people at his parent’s party as well as his own future. There are a variety of shots throughout the film having to do with water and glass, which symbolize Benjamin’s feelings of “suffocation” by his parents and isolation from the superficial society he was born into and surrounded by.

For example, the scene where Benjamin is in his diving suit communicates the anxiety and confinement he may be feeling in regards of his future by letting the viewer experience things from the character’s perspective while he is inside of the suit. Also, the fish tank scene in Benjamin’s room, where he is staring at his fish right before Mrs. Robinson walks in, very clearly labels Benjamin as “a fish out of water”, and confirms his character as an outsider. Sound also plays a major role in the film.

Benjamin’s feeble voice is important in developing his helpless, innocent, and sometimes awkward character, and provides the viewer with a reason to commiserate with him. The absence of sound in parts of the film, however, plays an even bigger role. Once again, in the diving suit scene, the viewer hears nothing but the sound of Benjamin’s breathing while he is inside of the suit, which indicates that he was not and had no intention of listening to his parents or friends as they yelled at him to jump in the pool.

The choice of music which is played throughout the film helps “fill in the gaps”, and convey feelings or themes that the viewer might have otherwise missed. For example, the track played at the start of the film, “ ‘The Sound of Silence’, by Paul Simon, helps portray the fact that Benjamin has difficulty relating with the world of his parents and feels cut off by invisible barriers” (www. unc. edu).

Overall, The Graduate is a great film in that in provides subtle insight, through the eyes of an outsider, into the corrupted, shallow society some of us often aspire to be part of, while still incorporating elements of love and humor to make for an interesting and light movie. This film is a definite “must see”, and deserves three out of four stars for the uniqueness of structure and powerful underlying themes it conveys.

Hinduism vs. Buddhism

The Hindu idea of reincarnation and Buddhist idea of Nirvana were both captivating thoughts for people of that era, but which was more important? While differing in social aspects, they are both important influential religions that helped shape India’s history. Buddhism has its own unique aspects and rules, some of which were retained from Hinduism, that helped construct a sustainable social structure through unification, peace, and order. Buddhism formed as a result of the decline of popularity of Hinduism.

Hinduism was very complex in rituals and daily lifestyle which was an impetus for a simpler religion to take hold. During the formation of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha retained many aspects that were a part of Hinduism. Gautama, being raised a Hindu, still believed in certain Hindu ideas. Rejecting the caste system, he kept the ideas of reincarnation, meditation, and doing good works. Many Buddhist lessons and teaching such as, “excessive attachment to things and people in the physical world causes pain and suffering” were directly borrowed from Hinduism causing these religions to be very similar.

The religions joined forces and directly helped to unify India. While Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar, they also have many differences. Buddhism does not believe in any specific god while Hinduism believes in thousands of different gods. The Hindus pray to natural sources like the sun while Buddhists only pray to Buddha. Buddhism rejects the Hindu caste system. Gautama believed that people from any social class can reach enlightenment. These religions have different means of reaching their ultimate goal.

Buddhists believe in following the four noble truths and the 8-fold path while Hindus believed in doing good dharma to receive good karma. Even though these religions were different, they co-existed to from a peaceful civilization in India. Hinduism and Buddhism both influenced Indian society in different ways. The main way Hinduism influenced India was through the caste system. It is still around and accepted by some people in India today. Buddhism, over the years, taught people to find their inner selves and meditate. This is still a major idea that Indians accepted over the years and still use today.

Most people in India chose one of the two religions to follow. Order was very important to the people of India and can be observed when studying how these two religions helped form a solid and orderly country. Even though they are different, both religions are important. While being similar to stay unified, co-existing to remain peaceful, and influential to stay orderly, Hinduism and Buddhism were both important religions that helped shape India’s history. Without them, India would not be the magnificent country it is today.

The World Without Photography

The world without photography would be very different and scary. If we didn’t have photography we wouldn’t have online auctions, or family memories. Photography is not only in the home its everywhere in life including magazines, books, to your children’s birthday parties and weddings. Without photography in the world we wouldn’t be able to view travel destinations. It’s almost like the world with photography is open, but without it it’s closed. It depends on the photographer and what they capture.

When we pose for a picture we think back to the pose and the place we had them done. If the photographer makes you genuinely laugh or they capture you guys when you’re not looking in a happy moment then when you look back at the photo it brings back fond personal memories. Nature photographs are always real. When people take pictures of a car or something to post to sell usually 99% of the time it’s the real thing they are trying to sell. On that note I would say that photography is real most of the time.

Some of my Experiences with photography are capturing memories of my family. When I capture a picture of my son I always think I want this for him when he grows up so that he can have them to share with his family one day. I also enjoy capturing peaceful surroundings to reinitiate the feeling I had when standing there in the moment. Photography has allowed me to share my memories with the people in my life; it has also allowed me to share theirs. It brings family and friends closer. In Bill Viola’s The Reflecting pool there is several different focal points.

I realized as I was watching it you heard the sounds of airplanes and the waterfall but you almost had to mesmerize your mind on the reflecting pool. The guys comes he jumps they freeze the top half of the picture while he is in mid-air and then we see the water move in the circular motion as if something has landed in it. He’s froze mid-air until we see the other people come into the reflection “focal points” and we lose him. Then it continues on for us to see the orange of his shirt and he comes out naked. Hmmm lol Well very interesting.

Chinese Revolution in 1949

After the Revolution October 12th 1949 Hey there! My name’s Lu Xiao Mei and I’m 16 years old. I’m from Liu Ling, but since I’m a woman and only 16 I don’t have a career. Instead I live with my husband, Wang Huang-Fu whose 19 years old, and his family and help clean up around the house and care for the youngest. In my family I have my mother, Liu Shou Mou, and my father, Liu Da Nu. Also I have my little sister, Lu Tan Rong, whose 8 and my older brother and his fiance, Li Rui Ke whose 18 and Li Zheng Xu whose 16.

On my husband’s side of the family, I have my mother and father in laws, Wang Bao Yu and Wang Dao-Ming, and their youngest daughter, Wang Jia Li, whose only 5 years old. I’ve decided to start a journal because the revolution just ended and apparently things are supposed to be changing. November 9th 1949 A lot’s been changing and fast too! Things seem to be getting a little better day by day. Before the revolution, for anyone that didn’t have a lot of money, things were pretty bad. Like most “peasants” or you know, poorer people, didn’t own land.

They rented it off these powerful land owners who opted to make sure the families that rented were forever in debt. A few weeks ago, I walked around my town and I saw that everyone had their own little plots and had a lot of crops growing. When I started talking to everyone, they said they feel like it’s starting to look up and maybe one day they can start to move up in life. Now the land owners have to do work too. Our village started working together and even though the former land owners weren’t happy about it, it was just all around better for everyone.

Woman can work now too! There are little day cares so woman can go out and do some type of work, even though they don’t get nearly as much as men. November 29th 1949 So a few weeks ago I went to my brother’s wedding. I can’t remember the last time I saw him as happy as he was! I know a lot of younger adults that are happy because they now get to choose their spouses instead of having arranged marriages. I mean now the people who had an arranged marriage are able to get a divorce if they aren’t happy.

Then a few days ago, they both announced that they’re pregnant! I’m going to be an aunt! All I know is that the baby’s weaned; my parents are going to be helping them out a lot with taking care of the kid. There was also a tragedy during this past month. A much loved women in the village passed away. Everyone wore white clothes for three days after she passed to show how much everyone cared about her. January 5th 1950 One thing I’m really happy about is that there’s no emperor anymore!

Well, I mean there is one, but he’s not as important anymore. He’s just kind of there as a symbolic figure I guess you could say. My daddy came home the other day and told me about how he got to help make the laws and stuff because now all of the workers get to help. Even my mom got to help out. They were a little upset though. They didn’t know they didn’t get paid to help. They thought that since the emperor had all of that money and got to make the laws then they should too, but it doesn’t work that way.

March 18th 1950 So my sister in-law is now four months pregnant and she’s starting to show. All of the little kids in the family are so excited that they’re going to have a new baby in the family. They found out its going to be a boy. My mom’s asking me to help out a lot lately though. She’s been asking me to help out and give the kids their baths when we all wake up and before we all go to bed. My dad the other day had asked me to take all of the kids to go and get their vaccines.

It’s so different after the revolution now. Everyone’s cleaner so it’s starting to smell a lot better and way less people are starting to get sick. Still, occasionally some girls do get bladder infections and the vaccines don’t help some kids but it’s a lot better now. There have been a lot less deaths of little kids now since women are getting more attention while they’re pregnant. Li Zheng Xu has been going to the doctor a lot and getting check-ups to make sure she’s okay.

Banksy in New Orleans

Banksy is one of the most (in)famous artist of the current generation. Since the time he started drawing graffiti in streets he has managed to gain a tons of popularity by his ironic artworks. He’s style of doing art is called graffiti. Graffiti is just the writings or drawings on the walls either painted, sketched or sprayed. Banksy grew up in a town named Bristol in England. The graffiti scene is totally dominated in his home town Bristol by Banksy’s pieces all over the. Banksy normally likes to spray paint. He has made graffiti in allover the UK.

Banksys pieces can also be frequently viewed in London as well. His art pieces have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. His highest grossing piece is of the “Space girl and Bird” which sold for a record of five hundred and seventy five thousand dollar. There are more a dozen A list celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera who has his art pieces. The most interesting thing about this artist is that he is still anonymous even though being so Famous as he a house hold name in UK ,as Jessica alba is in US.

Even though being anonymous he has held many successful exhibitions all around the world. He has painted even in the wall between Israel and Palestine. He had recently painted at twelve different locations in new Orleans. The most amusing graffiti amongst them is the one with the Bart Simpson. I like the Simpson art piece of banksy because it is very funny as the kid dressed as Bart Simpson is being punished because he copied Simpson. And I also like it as it is an awesome allusion to the Simpson.

It holds a simple yet serious message that we must no copy what we see. In this graffiti, there is a kid who looks like he is overly obsessed with Simpson. The kid is wearing the same dress as Bart Simpson does. He has the same colored shirt, pant and shoes. He has even got the same colored skateboard that Bart Simpson has got. As this kid is overly obsessed with Simpson, it looks like if his teacher is punishing him. But the most ironic thing here is that he is being punished for copying Simpsons but he is being punished in the signature Bart Simpson intro style.

The primary intent of Banksy in his Simpson piece is to convey the message “We should not copy what we see on TV. ” As well as we must not copy anyone or anything. We should not ruin our identity by imitating others. The artist is also furious by seeing how media is shaping the current generation. For instance, when a Hollywood darling like Jennifer Aniston wears something new, the majority of the girls in the country(world) wants the same thing just because Aniston wore it. The other thing media is doing nowadays is that changing how the people think.

The media has got a huge influence on how people think. Media monopolizes the general population by erasing partial truth of news. Suppose in a news where US army has stormed a village with Fighter jets in Afghanistan where few Rebels were hiding. The media here manipulates the general population by a method known as peer pressure. The media airs the interview where few people from the surrounding area in Afghanistan supported the US army’s move of attacking making it look like the whole area is happy of their move.

But the thing that media dosent shows is that how many countless number of innocent people lost their lives and the raged people towards Us army. And as the media shows that many number of people are supporting this move the people watching this news believes it and then they themselves think that it was a good move. Some real example of this is during the beginning of the Iraq war. Most if the major medias were glorifying the US invasion of iraq by showing the Iraqi people dancing and celebrating in streets. But we all know the truth by now that the media just showed just a side of the whole story.

Therefore Banksy is trying to warn us about the media and saying that we should not believe what we see there and not imitate the things shown on TV. Banksy is conveying another mischivious message through is piece of art. HE is lauging at all of us. We all know that how Bart simpson is. He is one of the most mischevious, rebellious person who has got total disrespect of authority. He is also a total vandal destroying public things on schools. Banksy is identifying himself with the kid(Bart Simpson) who is getting punished.

We all also know how banksy is. Banksy is also a total vandal, he paints all over the public property with out anyone’s consent. He too is a rebellious person without any respect for authority. He has pulled out outrageous stunts like swapping hundreds of Paris Hiltons CD’s in UK, and doing an Guantanamo bay prisoner stunt in Disney world. So therefore he is identifying himself as Bart Simpson. They both are anarchist is some ways. Though banksy may not be as devilish as Bart because bart is the one of the most spoiled person(character) in the world.

Bart has never been punished for his mischevious stunts and similarly banky hasn’t been punished as well. Banksy is also teasing all the “Banksy haters” and lauging at their faces through this painting. But the ironic thing here is that even though Bart is such an outrageous person we all love Bart Simpson and similarly we love Banksy for his art. Banksy another intent is that we hate all those things we love and we love all those things we hate. At last the moral of the painting is that we shoud not be influenced by others.

Hip Hop Music and African American Community

Do Many People Try To Do What The Censorship In Todays Music Says Because Of They Think That Person Is Cool, So They Think They Should Do It? I Think The Question Of: Is The Censorship In Todays Music Is That The Cause Of Most Of The Violence In Today’s African Americans Communities ,I Think This Question Can Be Turned Into A Research Question Because Many People Would Like To Know What Is The Cause For All The Violence In The African American Community’s . This Research Question Will Be Very Useful in a Research Paper Because It Can State a lot Of Facts That People Would like to Know About.

This Research Question Is Very Relevant to A lot Of Community’s more specifically The African American Community’s, Because More African American’s Listen To Music With A Highly Amount Of Censorship That’s Why This Research Question Is Very Important To These Community’s. There is a lot Of Background Information That Leads up To the Main Topic of the Research Question, For Example: They Use a lot Of Rappers and Signers for Advertisements Because They Figure If They Can Convince Us to Buy It Because A lot Of Rappers in Singers Are Using It Then We Would To.

So that’s Why I Stated Earlier That Most of the Violence in the African Community’s Comes from the Censorship in Todays Community’s. They Think That If The Rappers In Singers Are Saying That They Are Doing It They Would Want To Do It To. This Is In Article Negative Effects of Rap Music on Teens Written By: Expert Amie Taylor An how Contributer, Clearly States That The Censorship In Today’s Music Has A Higher Effect On African American Teens And Community’s Then Any Other Teen Or Community’s.

To Find This Information Out You Will Need To Review Articles Read Recent Study’s And Etc. When Conducting A Research You Will Have To Follow Many Procedures Just By Making Sure You Answer The Questions That You Have Asked With A Strong And Relevant Reply. While Conducting A Research You May Come Across Many Difficulties Like, Staying On Topic, Stating Unnecessary Facts, Not Knowing How To Be Organized Etc. In Occlusion the Censorship in Today’s Music has a lot Of Effects on Today African American Community’s.

Sarah Hall’s Letter to Lincoln

Sarah Josepha Buell Hale’s letter to president Abraham Lincoln was written with an intent to have Lincoln recognize Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Hale had felt that the recognition of Thanksgiving was a matter that needed to be addressed and executed in a brief manner. By establishing herself as an individual with great influence, Hale was then able to relate her proposal to the current issues Lincoln was facing. Hale was a reliable source for many due to the fact she was the editor of the “Lady’s Book”, a highly circulated magazine among women in the United States during the civil war.

She wanted Lincoln to recognize her as a reliable source as well by repeatedly referring to herself as the “Editress of the “Lady’s Book”” (1). Through this repetition Lincoln was often reminded of Hale’s influential status, and the validity behind her thoughts. Hale not only established her own credibility, but reminded Lincoln of his as well. Hale referred to Lincoln as President Lincoln or President of the United States throughout the letter. By doing so Lincoln was constantly reminded of not only his title, but the actions he was allowed to perform under the title (actions such as appointing Thanksgiving a national holiday).

Hale gave credibility to her proposal as well by stating that both, Governor (General) Banks and Governor Morgan both had agreed to her proposal. Hale validated her sources opinion even more by stating, “[B]oth gentlemen as you will see, have nobly aided to bring about the desired Thanksgiving Union” (1). Through this elaboration Hale had allowed Lincoln to hear the viewpoint of other trusted sources, and not just her own. Hale not only successfully established herself and her ideas a credible, but reminded Lincoln of his credibility as well.

During the time of the civil war supporting the country was a huge part of the society, and it was a part in which Hale was able to utilize in a way that supported her proposal. Hale said in her letter, “[T]here has been an increasing effort felt in our land to have Thanksgiving held on the same day, in all the States” (1). By saying “[A]ll the States” (1), Hale gave Lincoln a belief that by approving her proposal the nation would remain as one. Hale’s repeated use of the word union supported the beliefs of Lincoln as well.

Lincoln’s main objective during the civil war was to keep the union together as a whole, and through the repetition of the word, union, Lincoln was advised of the actions required to bring the union together. Hale also refers to Thanksgiving as a “National and Fixed Union Festival” (1). By referring to Thanksgiving as a National and fixed Union Festival, Hale is able to have Lincoln understand how appointing Thanksgiving a national holiday, could unify the country once more.

Since Hale’s proposal was a long term change, it implied the belief that this custom would not just unite the country in their current disagreement, but unite the country during any future disagreements as well. By relating her proposal to the needs of the current governmental status, Hale greatly improved the appeal Lincoln had towards her ideas. By informing Lincoln of her respected social status, Hale was able to capitalize on the current state of government. She was then able to promote her proposal for the recognition of Thanksgiving as a national Holiday, emphasizing on the solidity of the nation as a whole.


According to “Definition of a Gryphon,” gryphon is variant of griffin, which is the more popular way of spelling the term. As if a gyphon was not yet unique enough, the author if this short story chose to use the least popular version of spelling as well. This is yet another symbol of how truly one-of-a-kind Miss Ferenczi is. In literature gryphons are often “…used to denote strength and military courage and leadership,” (Oliver). Miss Ferenczi commands a room with ease, and she does so with a class she is not familiar with. She shows greater leadership than even the natural leader of the 4th grade class, Mr.

Hibler, whom she is substituting for. Miss. Ferenczi is described as a curious dresser, progressive thinker, and picky eater. Every person has their quirks, but Miss Ferenczi stands strong when others misunderstand her. She is both courageous and bold enough to be true to herself, even when it calls for her to break “normal” behaviors, and even when she is criticized for doing so. Intelligence is another characteristic that a gryphon and Miss Ferenczi share. “[A griffin’s physical appearance] indicates a combination of intelligence and strength,” (Stefan Oliver).

A theme in this short story seems to be the wild stories Miss Ferenczi tells her 4th grade students. She weaves wild tales, and nonetheless on questionable subjects. Miss Ferenczi even purposefully convinces the 4th grade students that six multiplied by eleven will occasionally produce sixty-eight; she calls this a “substitute fact,” (248). One might argue that Miss Ferenczi’s methods are unorthodox, but a wise mind will spot that Miss Ferenczi is only making an effort to teach the children how to think critically while still utilizing their imaginations.